Saturday, November 17, 2012

The Simplest Things

I heard yesterday from a friend mine, someone who is really much more than that. He told he was getting married the next day. This morning, I learned he had gone and done the deed. What a wonderful thing this. Getting married for the first time at 51 to a woman who is just perfect for him.  I have this notion that as I age, my ability to experience anything from rage to joy folds back into a perpetual state of neutrality. Nothing seems to matter that much anymore. I heard somebody once put it this way: "Do you feel less significant as time begins to reel you in?" That rather nicely sums it up.  But, then, something like this comes along. I guess that not every part of me has gone somnolent.  The news of this marriage brings me such great happiness that it makes me think that perhaps there is even more good things to experience before time reels me in.  All the best to my friend and his bride, two truly good people who were  blessed to find each other.  Steve and Mary, wed November 17, 2012 in Oak Park, IL.  I could not be there in person, but I was with you nonetheless.  May you long endure in each other's company. Let time reel somebody else in.

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