Friday, February 1, 2013

Looking Back In Wonder

I have been correcting some typos in Heroes. I hope to have a second edition out sometime this spring. It was so odd to read back over parts of the text. I wrote Heroes about 18 years ago. That fact alone astonishes me.  As I read the text, I find that I don't recognize any of it, really. It's like reading a book that somebody else wrote. There is nothing I can do about it now; I don't have the energy or time to substantially rewrite the book.  I would not want to, either.  I think one interesting thing readers will find as I publish over titles is how my style changed.  Heroes seems to me to be the most conventional book I ever wrote. By the time you get to Exile,for example, my writing is a lot different. I'd like to think it was progress. Maybe it was just age gently tugging away at the will to put so many words in a row. I don't know.

BTW: It look like Heroes has moved up to 775,000th on the best seller list at Amazon.  No holding me back now.

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