Thursday, October 31, 2013

Exile Is Available Now on Amazon

As of this morning, Exile is now available on Amazon. I hope that people will enjoy reading it. Exile is a long book, so be prepared. That said, I think that it is worth the time it takes to read it. Though they are not a trilogy per se, Heroes, Smoke, and Exile are part of the same story arc. Once people have finished Exile, I think they will see how some of the themes and ideas from Heroes and Smoke play out. I believe that a reader cannot have a full appreciation for any of the three novels without having read them all. The careful reader will see how certain details in Exile repeat and amplify what has gone on in Heroes and Smoke.

Exile brings to a close the story of the two detectives, George Hofmann and Christopher Garvin. I hope that upon finishing Exile, the readers will feel as though they know these two men. I certainly learned about and from them as the stories went on. Hofmann, in particular, changes over time. He is still stoic in the face of chaos. But the anger slips away, I think, as Hofmann comes to realize how little he can control. See what you think of Hofmann at the end of Exile as compared to when you first met him in Heroes. Are Hofmann and Garvin heroes? Were they ever? What did they learn on their quest?

As for Exile, I welcome your thoughts on the book. Take the time to tell me what you think was going on at Phlogiston Fabricating. What is your theory about the two Candices? Who, precisely, is an exile? And from what? Write to let me know what you think Exile says about the creative process and its limitations.

I hope you will enjoy Exile. Take your time and do not be surprised if you need to read it more than once.

I look forward to hearing from you.  

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