Tuesday, February 4, 2014

City of the Dead Approaches

I have sent City of the Dead to the proofreaders. I asked Teddi Black to start working on cover design ideas. I am waiting word from Farrar, Strauss to see if they will give me permission to use John Berryman's Dream Song 29.  All this means that the publication of City of the Dead is not far off.  I hope to have it up on Amazon within thirty days or so.  Meanwhile, I have put Heroes, Smoke, and Exile on Wavecloud. Exile is now available on Smashwords.  Don't say you can't find me.

1 comment:

  1. I finished Exile back in December, read it straight through. It's still on my mind--a deep, sonorous book with beautifully drawn characters, spooky and tragic, ultimately and remarkably (considering the odds) life-affirming. I wonder if Candice is a Detroit River selkie? Or is she actually conjured from Klein's longing? Or an extraterrestrial? All of the above? I'm still wondering three months later. Thank you for continuing to publish your work, I wish you the large and appreciative audience that your novels deserve. Looking forward to City of the Dead.