Wednesday, February 11, 2015


It's getting to be time to start preparing Meridian for publication.  This novel was actually the third one I wrote. It comes between Smoke and Exile. But, I decided to skip it as I published the books.  I did this primarily because of the connections between Heroes, Smoke, and Exile. As I have noted elsewhere, these three books are not a trilogy in the ordinary sense. But, I do think you could read them altogether as one very long novel.  As I was writing Exile, it occurred to me that issues and idea that started in Heroes were only just now getting resolved. I do think you have to read all three to really understand what any one of them is about.  To be fair, though, there is another reason I skipped Meridian. I don't think it is my best effort. I will say more about Meridian as its publication draws nearer. I hope readers will like it. I certainly look forward to any feedback.  I think that getting the manuscript proofread and formatted as well as getting another Teddi Black cover, is going to take a good few months.  Look for Meridian to be available late spring.

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